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How to Order a Healthier version @ Chipotle

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By Dr. Anthony Gustin


Skip the tortilla. Ask for a bowl. Let’s be real about the tortilla here, no one needs to be eating those double gluten shells.


Create a base of veggies. Be prepared to quickly answer “No thank you, just veggies” and get very weird glances following the questions “White or brown rice?” and “Black or pinto?”

Step Three:

Choose meats depending on your preference. If you generally eat a pretty clean diet and don’t really care much if you get a little shot of omega-6 laden sunflower oil, then don’t sweat it. The barbacoa and carnitas are made with sunflower oil and the chicken and steak with rice bran oil. As covered above, rice bran oil is the lesser of two evils, but in reality this small amount isn’t going to kill anyone.


Load up on salsas. The red chili, green chili and pico de gallo are all just fresh veggies blended up. No creepy oils or any additives according to their ingredient listing.  So feel free to ask for extra of each of these toppings.


Finish off with guacamole. Chipotle’s guacamole is amazingly consistent and incredibly delicious. I don’t quite know what their secret is yet, but feel free to add a strong heaping of healthy fats. Top with some extra lettuce if you’d like and dig in!